Are you ready to die?

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@vickyrose (2016)
Canberra, Australia
November 21, 2017 12:16pm CST
It’s been three months since my last discussion. I felt sad to read that one of the good writers that I follow here had died at 66. I googled him and found out that he was fostered out with his brother, grew in a dairy farm, had a good upbringing, studied to be a writer, eventually worked as a writer. I noted too that he remained single, lived alone and was 66 years old. May he Rest In Peace... There’s been a few deaths this year, some are online friends on facebook. I always feel sad when somebody I know dies. I wonder when I would die. I always ask myself this question every time someone I knew dies. I don’t want to die yet. Are you ready to die? Have you prepared for your death? It’s confronting to ask, think or even say about death. We are in denial, we don’t want to stop living. Right?
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@Happy2BeMe (74935)
• Canada
21 Nov
Richard was a wonderful person. He will be missed. After my heart attack and open heart surgery I have come to peace with knowing my life could end at anytime. I got to spend a lot of time with those I love during that time. We talked at great lengths about what would happen if things didnt go well.
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@BelleStarr (39652)
• United States
21 Nov
I am prepared, we have our will, and spiritually I am also ready, I am hoping it won't be soon but one never knows.
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@thelme55 (15059)
• Germany
21 Nov
Yes, I have read about the passing out of our fellow Mylotter. No, I am not ready yet and I keep asking myself when my time comes when somebody I know of die. Weird but I am also in denial.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
21 Nov
Though I know that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, I also know that I am far from being ready to die. I want to see my kids grow up and their children too. I want to accomplish a lot of things. I really don't think that I will be ready to die when my time is up.
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@cahaya1983 (10038)
• Malaysia
22 Nov
Oh wow, what a question. I think I still want to do more good in this world so I don't think I'm quite ready for that, yet.
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• Dallas, Texas
23 Nov
I think not. But then, what choice do any of us have? We can try our best to make it through another day but of course, there is no life lottery ticket that insures so many extra miles.
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@antonbunot (9636)
• Calgary, Alberta
23 Nov
I am ready but I still want to live longer to be with my children and grandchildren. That is why I do a lot of workouts - - - eat green leafy veggies, fruits, fish, and tinola. I don't smoke, drink, and chase women . . . (anymore)