Being Ignored

Kolkata, India
November 30, 2017 2:50am CST
I haven't really been in the best of moods today. Do you ever feel like you are being ignored? The person you're talking to is nodding and pretending to listen to the stuff you say, but when you ask them a question, you see they weren't paying attention at all? It has been happening to me a lot lately and I wondered if I'm just irritating people? Sometimes I get too passionate about the things I love and bore people maybe? I told myself that I should just stop sharing things, what I like is for me to keep but that doesn't seem right either.
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@JustBhem (47354)
• Davao, Philippines
3 Dec 17
I hate talking to my Mother because the moment I share something she will jerk right away and I don't like that kind of feeling.
@Meramar (2728)
1 Dec 17
It doesn't necessarily mean they you are boring them. Maybe the other person is just focused on his or herself, busy with own purposes and acting a bit selfish.
@dpk262006 (56558)
• Delhi, India
1 Dec 17
Don't underrate yourself. If someone is ignoring you, it is his/her choice and decision, it does not mean that you are not nice.
@Lumartz (304)
30 Nov 17
Yes i feel you
@lady1993 (21067)
• Philippines
30 Nov 17
that does not really feel nice. maybe you should try talking to another person instead of that person that makes you feel ignored?
@sjvg1976 (18374)
• Delhi, India
30 Nov 17
It happens sometime people listen to us but don't concentrate on what we tell them. It's just for your sake they listen us but they never understand what we talked to them
@tzwrites (4976)
• Romania
30 Nov 17
I think it's rude of the people not to pay attention.
@maezee (35308)
• United States
30 Nov 17
Or maybe the folks you are talking to are just plain rude!
@ddnj2006 (651)
• Philippines
30 Nov 17
Just like starting a discussion that takes too long before someone could response? I feel you.. But that doesn't mean we will cut the connections. Just go on, and who knows, we can might meet someone who feels the same way, so that all of us could pull out and take us to our best mood. :-)
@Shiva49 (14687)
• Singapore
30 Nov 17
Yeah, silence on your part will make them listen more! siva