Stopping by

Centralia, Missouri
November 30, 2017 10:46pm CST
Life is, well life. I wouldn't even know where to begin to try and explain the mess that is my head and heart. But I am still alive, and bailing along. Work is mostly good. Am an aunt now, although don't see my sister or the niece much.
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@Happy2BeMe (75441)
• Canada
1 Dec 17
Hi! So nice to see you checking in. I am sorry you are going through a rough time. Hope things get better for you.
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• Peoria, Arizona
1 Dec 17
Take care of yourself, glad to see you popping in. Just keep breathing and see you around!
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@sallypup (29976)
• Moses Lake, Washington
1 Dec 17
Oh wow!!! There you are. Its so good to find you. Do take care.
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@aureliah (20774)
• Kenya
9 Jul
The mess will go away with time. Just stay positive
@just4him (132416)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
25 Jan
I'm glad you're still around and doing well, even if you aren't here. I do worry about you.
• United States
24 Jan
Glad to hear you are still alive and bailing along. Try to stay this side of despair, insurmountable as it may seem at times. Good luck with everything. Keep in touch.
• Preston, England
12 Jan
@Jessicalynnt been such a while since you last posted on here. Hope all is well and that Christmas was alright for you along with the new year. Mylot is still great but not the same without you
@Tampa_girl7 (27508)
• United States
29 Dec
Nice to see you
@GardenGerty (105344)
• United States
16 Dec
Please keep checking in so that we do not feel we have totally lost you.
@Susan2015 (22193)
• United States
10 Dec 17
Sorry to hear that and hope you are doing better now.
@hereandthere (33393)
• Philippines
1 Dec 17
i always remember you when i see kevin post and remember the christmas tree hat. i hope you get to see your sister and niece soon. it's good you have work to keep you going. take it one day at a time.
@shubhu3 (23892)
• New Delhi, India
1 Dec 17
Take care kd yourself.
@dodoazo (22051)
• Philippines
1 Dec 17
You need a company to express what's in your and what's in your heart. Problem could be solved alone.
@LadyDuck (188205)
• Switzerland
1 Dec 17
It was a long time I did not see you around. As you say life is just life. Take care.
@JudyEv (141515)
• Bunbury, Australia
1 Dec 17
Nice to see a discussion from you again. Are you here for a while this time maybe?
@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
1 Dec 17
hi I wonderedd where you were glad o seeou nre agai ope nex ear wlill be better year s for us both I missour sudde deah poetrhy challegbes lol lol lol