Snap Chat looks cute on you :)

@Frenzys9 (115)
United States
December 7, 2017 4:04am CST
I’ve tried it a million times. Trying to add funny face filters, and effects are really hard to do with dogs. They are moving constantly, and when they’re laying down most of their faces aren’t showing. I guess the timing was perfect, so I got a cute photo of my furry friend. I know that these filters aren’t the latest hype, but I still think they’re hilarious. I use Snapchat all the time, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it? Do you enjoy Snapchat and its features also?
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@maezee (27764)
• United States
7 Dec
Haha this is adorable. I dont use it but have many friends who do.
@rey123 (710)
7 Dec
I love Snapchat!.The filters are really cool and funny too!!
• United States
8 Dec
Little Bear looks very intelligent.
@BelleStarr (31954)
• Portland, Connecticut
8 Dec
I have never tried Snapchat, I guess I should one of these days, it does sound like fun.
@Dyvette16 (1373)
• San Antonio, Texas
7 Dec
Awe so cute !
@JudyEv (100439)
• Bunbury, Australia
7 Dec
I don't use it or know much about it but it's a cute photo.
@lady1993 (15542)
• Philippines
7 Dec
looks like a cartoon character i use picture filters too, a lot. they are funny and cute
@rina110383 (22924)
7 Dec
Haven't tried it though the app looks cute.
@dpk262006 (54647)
• Delhi, India
7 Dec
I don't use it.
@shubhu3 (13562)
• New Delhi, India
7 Dec
It's really admirable.
@Hannihar (12491)
7 Dec
ok it is cute.