@JaclynGlenn is 'What Happens when a YouTube-Celebrity Doesn't Properly Use "Professional Help"'

@mythociate (13893)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 7, 2017 3:01pm CST
Jaclyn Glenn is a girl who was raised Christian (maybe her father's a preacher of some kind, even!), but who 'chose the path of her own reasoning over that of "reason above your reason" (the book of Job).' She's recently had some problems ... specifically with her relationship with another 'Youtube-star.' And--rather than 'deal with it privately' (although I'm sure there's a lot of "stuff" she's not even mentioning on top of all the "stuff" that she and the ex have been blabbing-about publically)--she's been 'dealing with a lot of it' in her videos. https://youtu.be/IryKZkAObl4 She even talks about that---how most v-Loggers 'talk about everything like as-if "everything's okay" or something.' And I see what she's saying--that she wants to be "real" with her audience--but ... there's "a line" between 'what we need to see to know she's real' and 'real things that we don't want to see.' I think that 'a lot of the content she's been giving her fans lately' has been from the "more 'real' than we want to see"-department. Any other "Jaclyn Glenn"-fans here who agree?
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@Jackalyn (6677)
• Oxford, England
7 Dec
Never heard of her but I think I might do a Vlog and not talk about my problems
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@mythociate (13893)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9 Dec
What would you talk about? If I were you, I'd talk about "Brexit" and all the political intrigue back in merry-old-england maybe your Prime Minister's Twitter-fight with our President