United States
December 21, 2017 4:01pm CST
I worked the shop yesterday, I wasn't feeling my best as the particulates from the fire down south were blowing up here and aggravating my asthma horribly. Plus the medications were making me a "bit" gassy! I was in one of the back show rooms and I thought I was alone so I decided to let one rip. Boy did it rip!!!! It was a wall and window rattler, plus the smell would kill a bull elephant!. But ooohhh it was such a relief until I heard a very angry woman's voice snarling " Howard!!! Not in public!!! Honestly I can't take you anywhere without your blowing out the seats of your clothes and stinking up the place!" At that I cut and run. I'm sure Howard denied it, but one whiff and he'd be tried and convicted. Besides, I figured in this case a little dishonesty wouldn't hurt!
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• United States
22 Dec
Yes no harm.
@GardenGerty (96663)
• Marion, Kansas
22 Dec
Poor Howard, she probably blames him, even when it is her.
@celticeagle (117156)
• Boise, Idaho
21 Dec
Poor Howard! Always get the blame.
@maezee (31520)
• United States
21 Dec