A Poem I Was Not A Thief

@Hatley (164484)
Garden Grove, California
December 21, 2017 7:49pm CST
Ye looked at me. I looked back Ge watcged ne as I s hopped T hat watc hman followedx me 'I guess Ive a crooks f ace for sure' ' I ried on dresses and bought one 'I went to check out s and clerk was gone He was wawatching hng me standing an a isle away' I felt crooked holding that darned dress I went to tge kugerie dep t. to f i nd a clerk I sstep ped upo to c ounter sigbn said Sorry Closed I said :What the heck you are standing there: She left amd il still held the damned dress Okay I kne NOra wor4ked in Shoes He followed me o ver to the shoe dep t 'Nora was busy but sh fi nally waited on me. Ah to get out mymoney ohmy G Mbillfold Norah my my billfolds go me I have no mo ney" He stepped forward and smled as he handed me my billfold Mrs Hatley I belileve you dropped thi siln the dress dept IL Tried to get our attention but yoyu7ke[t on walking. I thanked he man then feeling stupied I L was not a thief. His name was Edward Moorew amd he asled fr a date. IL thought hes really handsome butI will mnever remarry I told him I was engaged and in a s ense Im I m enaged tp te pne lifelp ng long love I He nevedr called or did anyone els as I now stay ingle ILts sort of fu n I do ot ask ayI I do not ask w jhuy I ower no explanatopn to anyone as Im free as a man Happy old age no lover no one to say no, free wo man One o riginal pos and graphic b y P Hatley cop;hyrilghted 2-017 I
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@RodrickH (12635)
• China
22 Dec
Nice poem
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@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
22 Dec
hahis I though he was a security guard and e was jus ajother sopperike me bu7tHe cameonto eand that was nenough I haf along marriage to mylove I do nt want to evedr marrysomoeone else