Bubbles UPsets The Christmas Tree

@Hatley (164484)
Garden Grove, California
December 22, 2017 8:16pm CST
istress is all dome with work and now has the tree up. She really decorates it so pretty ihat Bubb;es ;loves it But tje balls swiing so emticingly Bubbles cannot s6op himself Jhe [pimces on alower silvr ball and it swings He reahes up to bat a red ball ,catches his paw and down comes Red ball and theWhole tree tree tp Mistress dos,ay She swats Bubbles ;with newspaper hard Bubb\les now fee;s bad for what he did ao pats Mistress arm. Ed sets the Christmas tree uprigte motiong was br ollen Ed and Mistress now plua he piano and sing Carols Bubb;es ,mepws amd [irrs in tiume We leave three okd fro ends having fun together One original post and grapjic buy P GHatgley copyrighted 2-17
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@jstory07 (70037)
• Roseburg, Oregon
23 Dec
Bubbles sure does love playing with the tree bulbs.
@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Dec
yescats reallyklve he balls that sway we used o have a ca who yuopset our ree twce lo lol