December 23, 2017 1:52am CST
I've been thinking too much today, I guess. There were things that I keep on trying to figure out, to understand whether whom is right between me and my partner. He keeps on telling me how bad the things had happen to him while I was away.. he's making me feel that it was all my fault. Last night was our yearend assesment and christmas party. The weather is really really bad and it's not my fault that the office didn't issue any postponement despite the situation. I had to be there to show respect to my superiors and I got nothing to do with it. Maybe he thinks I wasn't thinking of the outside situation.. I was so worried and kept on calling to monitor their condition but it was not enough for him. I don't know, right now, I really think he's too selfish. He blamed me for simple reasons. He's upset coz he had lots of scratches and wounds while putting our valuables into safety and doing the laundry earlier that day. I hate it when he complains without even understanding or trying to know what I have been through yesterday.. Thank God no flash floods happened yesterday in our area.. but yesterday my experience was worst than his. I was outside walking through the streets while typhoon is hitting the city. There was a really strong wind that knocked down a big tree branch while I was crossing.. good thing it fell down after I was able to pass through that big tree. I was safe but I cried out of shock from what just happened. .. God is really good..
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@maezee (33430)
• United States
23 Dec
Sorry you are going through this.
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• Kathmandu, Nepal
23 Dec
Wait! I will respond after reading it. I find this interesting.
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