I have never liked starwars

December 28, 2017 4:27pm CST
I get it its an american thing, been around since the 80s I just think compared to marvel movies starwars is soo boring seriously!!!
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@MALUSE (42503)
• Germany
28 Dec
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@Shortail (862)
• Philippines
29 Dec
me too. and I don't have any interest in any sci fi movies. but actually it's not about the out of this world concept. but it's more on moral lesson.
@Tampa_girl7 (25846)
• United States
29 Dec
I wasn't a big fan of the original movies, but I like the newer ones. welcome to Mylot.
@JolietJake (51116)
• United States
29 Dec
The first movie was 1977...long before Marvel even thought about making any movies
@aureliah (17742)
29 Dec
Welcome to MyLot.
@JohnRoberts (61074)
• Los Angeles, California
29 Dec
I only thought the original Stars Wars was great and unique.
• Australia
29 Dec
One of the most exciting, entertaining, adventure, thrilling modern films I've watched. Or maybe, it's just me and my husband. We're going to watch the latest.
@maezee (32970)
• United States
28 Dec
You are not alone. I never really cared for starwars either.
@saritflor (4087)
• Israel
28 Dec
I never understand the point of this series? I've always found it to be extremely boring.