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@Keyia120 (835)
United States
January 16, 2018 9:39pm CST
" Rose Lilly it's time to go or we are going to be late!" My mom would yell that every morning from the Kitchen while making me and my dad breakfast. She would always make us breakfast because she loved us and she loved to cook. sometimes it would be a great way for her to try a new recipe. My dad would usually throw it in the trash because he hated strong spices and other things that she would use, but all in all, he just hated the fact that she spent a lot of her time in the Kitchen cooking. I mean I thought men loved a woman that could cook? My dad hasn't been the same since grandma passed away in July of last year so since then everything has been downhill. I mean he would either argue with both of us, one of us, or with himself. I am never surprised if he does or says something that is out of the ordinary or starting a fight with someone. I have been on a weird and strange Journey myself but I have yet to talk about it or deal with it because I want to see how everything goes before I jump off the handle and call myself crazy. I am not sure what is going on so I am just going to leave it at that and deal with what I have to deal with at this point in time. I have to head out to my job as a medical assistant and then I have to go to school for my college courses in order to finish my degree in medicine. I am keeping a dream journal as of tonight in order to ensure whatever happens in my dreams stay there. I say this because there have been a few things that have come true out of my dreams and I have been grateful but if something bad happens then what of the odds of that getting out into my reality? I am not sure but I have to try and keep that from happening. I finally showed up to work but it was about twenty minutes late thanks to my dad being a jerk that he always is. I would call him other names but you know he is my dad. He had to eat slow and then he had to be dropped off first like he was a high school child. He was actually complaining that he was not getting dropped off first. I was like "oh my goodness dad calm your self down please." He's an issue when he is hungover, drunk, or just a drama king. Yes, back to my dreams I wish that some of them would come true so that certain things could be fixed and go a little bit smoother in my life. Like when my dad decided to crash our second car cause he was under the influence. I saved up and used my money to buy that care and now I have to get a new one, but this time it is going to be in my name and for me only. I trusted my mom and dad with my money and they wasted it. She knows that he is an alcoholic and she lets him still drink like crazy and then that night she let him drive. I was just glad that he didn't kill himself or anyone else. Yes, I wish my real life was easy like my dream life, but if bad things get through then things can happen to people that I don't want to happen or to me that I don't want to happen. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place literally. I have to do these four hours of work and then go to these college classes for another three hours and then back to work for another four hours. My day is going to be riding with my best friend Cathy and then maybe Adam if I want to listen to him say how much he loves me.
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
17 Jan
adam , mayu be the keyu to straogjtening oit yuourl ;ofe
@Keyia120 (835)
• United States
17 Jan
Haha. Adam is in love with Rose Lilly but she not feeling him yet.