What's the Deal with 'Not Trusting Redirects'?

@mythociate (15964)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
January 21, 2018 12:59pm CST
I thought I would do a post on 'How Using VigLink (an advertising-by-redirect program) will help strengthen the Internet's writers.' I don't know where I got that idea tho, as "Bing-ing" a question like that brought up a warning-site, telling readers 'how to eliminate the VigLink- or AdCash-redirect viruses' http://windowsproblemshelpcenter.blogspot.com/2014/12/remove-apiviglinkcom-and-wwwadcashcom.html Don't you know that most links are 'redirects'? that your true "URL" is a series of numbers? (something like "##.##.##.##")? I guess 'adding another redirect' makes it even-harder to trace 'where the signal's-coming from or -going to' ... So aren't 'redirects that obviously change' (like AdFly has been doing lately ... where redirects they build--that used to stay "adf.ly" or whatever other address they would build for you--are now 'changed' to "queuecosm.bid") more honest than redirects that fool their users (and maybe even themselves) into thinking that 'the link-address you see' is the actual "URL"?
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