Saturday's Online Work

@egdcltd (7200)
January 28, 2018 6:21am CST
I didn't manage to get this written yesterday. I published a post and an article on the science fiction site, two role playing game supplements and the relevant pages and post on the RPG site. I also published one article and republished three posts on the new electronics site. These were socially promoted and I made the usual posts and interactions on myLot and bitLanders. I wrote an article for later use and one for the electronics site. I completed the text for two role playing game supplements and did some work on twelve more. I wrote an article for the general site and did some work on another. Approximately 2,700 words were written yesterday. I also created two new Zazzle products and did some work laying out an RPG supplement in InDesign. Image: Morguefile
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@Angela150 (955)
• London, England
28 Jan
What is bitlander like? I have not tried that site! Is it available for UK participants?
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@egdcltd (7200)
29 Jan
Yes it is available in the UK (I'm in the UK). It's a content site, one with a referral programme. It's a better place to post long posts, say a few hundred to a thousand words, than here; they generally earn more money on bitLanders.