How Stephen Colbert Has Been Duped by the Media
@mythociate (16124)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
February 22, 2018 8:19am CST
I couldn't even make it through his whole monologue on "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" last night, he's so 'convinced' that "more laws" will somehow stop crazy people from being crazy. And 'his devotion to this falsehood' is another sign that he's a good Catholic (one of Catholics' basic foundations being "stick to the story" ... and I don't want this to be a religion-discussion, but I'm just saying that 'sticking to the story' is one of many "good Catholic"-talents). We Catholics have 'the habit' (part-blessing, part-curse) of taking 'things we hear' as "truth" if they're repeated again-and-again, make 'some sort of sense' to us, and aren't argued-against very often. And Stephen's heard "lawmakers need to make more gun-laws" more-often than "Congress needs to devote more resources to public mental-health." Maybe the second one 'makes more sense,' but the first one "rings out" more often---it's the one that 'Pavlov's dog' responds to (Did I get that saying right? with Pavlov's dog responding to a bell?)
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@Plethos (12513)
• United States
23 Feb
i used to like him on the comedy centralnetwork. but now i dont particularly like his monologues, i like his interviews better . he was never this far to the liberal side before . he was better staying in the middle.
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@mythociate (16124)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
24 Feb
I think it's something he does well--making 'whatever the people in power say' sound extra crazy (and you have to go heavily 'the opposite direction' on them sometimes.' Jordan Klepper's ComedyCentral show isn't doing that---he makes the people in power seem crazy by going heavily 'the SAME way they're going.' (Kinda like "Red State Update" on YouTube---'doing a caricature' of conservatives.)
Red State Update is a comedy web series covering American politics since 2005. Follow the 2016 presidential election along with fake conservative pundits, Ja...
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