Biubbles G ets Stuck In Gopher Hole

@Hatley (164471)
Garden Grove, California
February 25, 2018 4:05pm CST
J istress is upsetover yer work,snaps at ' Bibbles gp [pau' Byubbles irritated das yes out ht ecat door' He sees Mr gopher eatig a to mato He dahes down the hole after r Gopher Meow Meow,snap,snarl Im stuck Mstress hears te hoise and coes runnjng' Sje laughs as sje sees Bibb;es is stuck ]Mstress get sjovel ajd dgs poor Bubbles out We nleave as ttey go i to the batroto wahs mud off 'Buibbles two old chums helping one other O n originalk poe, bu nPHatleuy ad graphic copyrioghted 2018 M
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@db20747 (10244)
• Washington, District Of Columbia
26 Feb
When bubbles saw that snack, she chased him into the hole, Did bubbles ever get out!!!