Changing Banks

@irishidid (8734)
United States
March 14, 2018 1:32pm CST
I found out the bank where my disabled daughter's social security is direct deposited has suddenly started charging a service fee. I found out when I discovered the fee on the statement. To avoid the fee you have to have at least $800 in the checking account or make $800 worth of point of sale purchases on the debit card. I would have been okay with $100 but not $800! She only gets $766 a month and as anyone on social security knows, that money has to be used. Today I'm going to update her state ID, then we are going to my credit union and set up a new direct deposit account for her social security. When everything is switched over I'll close the account at the other bank. Shame is, it was a great bank up to this point. They are losing a lot of long time customers.
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@iridion9 (10805)
• Philippines
15 Mar
Banks are monsters that devour the innocent.
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@porwest (8401)
• United States
20 Jun
Or, like Bob Hope used to say. "Banks are a place that lend money to those who don't need money." Truth.
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@GardenGerty (104102)
• United States
6 Jul
Those service fees are cropping back up everywhere. I would change as well.
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• United States
15 Mar
sounds like citizen's bank..
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@Corbin5 (119431)
• United States
14 Mar
Well, it is good to hear that you did have an alternative that will work. I bet the bank will lose customers.
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@Thewings (636)
28 Mar
It's a great news. That some banks are giving their best services for the disabled people.
@mom210 (6771)
• Atlanta, Georgia
21 Mar
If you are a long time customer I wonder if you could have a little chat with them first and see if they can wave it for a good custer. MIght be owrth a try