'Frozen': An Example of How 'Mythical Stories' Can Be Used to Get Over 'Childhood Trauma'?

Anna, Elsa ... if that's their REAL name LoL ...
@mythociate (15960)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 9, 2018 1:13pm CST
You know the story of "FROZEN" (and if not, I'm about to SPOILER! the surprise :-P): Two princesses in the kingdom, one has magic powers which she uses to accidentally kill the other princess, but her family takes the dead princess to the magic troll, and the only way the troll can save the dead princess is if he takes all the magic out of her memory & she can never see the magic princess again or else the death will come back (or something). But that's not the trauma I'm talking about. The trauma comes when ... well, the movie's 'cover-story' for it is "the king & queen died in a shipwreck in the ocean." Did they, tho? Or did they just want to get away from the princess whose magic would freeze the kingdom forever if they annoyed her the least bit? https://youtu.be/r7SBNZpSdWw And anyway, the king & queen "died" before the princesses were old enough to take over. If they had just 'left,' couldn't "just anybody" have taken the throne? (Not to mention that 'the princess who was dead' had no-problems-at-all with her sister's magic when it was revealed at the crowning-ceremony )
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@cintol (7820)
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9 May
You have just confused this whole story for me and I have seen it 50 times. lol
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