Guilt Trek: Naming a Source (when it's ''Advertising'' Linked-to from a News-Site)

... kinda the way I always 'cite' a link here (when I find the image online ... at first, anyway)
@mythociate (15946)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 1, 2018 8:38am CST
I list 'events "advertised" (as opposed to "listed for free") in Oklahoma alt-weekly "newspapers" (usually Oklahoma Gazette, maybe someday LOOK @ OKC, now (since my Pizza Hut isn't sharing them anymore) sometimes the online "newspapers" like The Lost Ogle )' in a Facebook group/page. But--when I look at those ads' info through 'online links' (instead of sticking to 'what's written on the newspaper-page), and the link is a redirect to another link--I'm not sure where to refer readers 'for more information.' I mean ... if I send them to the page I see the ad on, there's no guarantee they'll see the same link I saw (which--in order to earn credit for the advertising--the newspaper has to link with 'a redirect'; so that 'the address I end up at' isn't the one in the link-code on their webpage). And I could just give 'the link I end up at,' but then I feel like I'm "stealing" that link-credit from the news-site! I guess I'll just include " sent me to" before every 'more info'-address I share there. And 'This Room is Cleansed!" (or 'Mah soul is guiltless!' the same feeling Catholics get when they go to confession, hear a Contrition-Prayer & 'do their penance' (usually reciting "Hail Mary" a few dozen times) ... like they've 'ex-er-CIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZED the Demuhn' )
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1 Jun
Thanks you for this interesting post my friend.
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