So why dont we eat Tigers?

Northampton, England
February 11, 2019 5:27pm CST
Have you noticed we only eat ugly animals in the west ? Sheep are cute but mostly its butt ugly ones like cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. What we dont like is to see cute animals killed like Tigers, Lions, Dolphins and Elephants. Tigers kill hundreds of subsistence farmers a year in India but the west sends hundreds of thousands of pounds to India to keep them alive? I know in Asia they eat dogs and cats ( they have to in North Korea to survive) but the South Korean PM said they need to cut down on that sort of thing. In Vietnam they will pretty much eat anything and the roadside eateries display pretty much every bug that ever lived up for eating. The truth is cute and majestic animals will always be the public face of animal charities as they raise the most money. A proud endangered Tiger or a cute Panda on your flyers gets a hell of a lot more cash in than an ox or a cow. We idolize looks. Donkey charities in the UK raise more than African poverty ones, and most of the donkeys are imported from Europe to justify the fundraising? The very real collapse of the insect population will single the end of humans on Earth in the next two hundred years if we dont stem population growth and pesticide use.
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@MALUSE (48007)
• Uzbekistan
11 Feb
Well, as far as I know all kinds of cats don't taste good so that people don't want to eat them. If they tasted good, the Chinese would eat them, too.
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• Edinburgh, Scotland
11 Feb
@aureliah (22468)
• Kenya
14 Feb
I have seen Japanese prepare a snake delicacy. I only eat domestic animals and some sea food. Some things I cant even look at them being prepared
• United States
12 Feb
I think we eat animals that move slower. Have anyone been able to track a tiger down long enough to catch it
@topffer (37341)
• France
12 Feb
Tigers would have already disappeared if they had not been protected. But, yes, they are less vital for the future of this planet than bees and insects which are disappearing at high speed. We are going in a wall anyway, so why not accelerating the movement by not protecting any animal ? And we do not eat tigers because they are carnivorous, and the meat of carnivores tastes bad. Cats included.
@josie_ (8133)
• Philippines
12 Feb
If a cow, pig or chicken ever get on the endangered species list, it is not inconceivable that animal charities will be raising funds to save them. Compare to saving the Panda or Bengali Tiger, actually it would make more sense since they are a major food source for our survival.