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November 28, 2006 9:12pm CST
What is the best way to remove a tick?
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• United States
1 Dec 06
Remove a tick with tweezers as close to the mouth part as possible. Pediatricians do not reccommend trying to dig out the mouth part if it does not come out, that it will dislodge as skin is sloughs off. Also I have read that you should not try to cover a tick with vasaline to suffocate it because it will still have the oxygen it needs to finish it's feed and not to burn it because it can release infected fluids.
• Netherlands
1 Dec 06
You first take something like a safety pin or something small and metal. Heat it up until it is good and hot. Set the hot part at the rear of the tick. It should pull its head up. Once you see it move likethat tweeze or pull it off before it sticks it's head back under the skin. ' If you just pull it up you could break the head off leaving it under the skin. This is very bad and can cause a nasty infection.
• India
30 Nov 06
rub it
• Janesville, Wisconsin
30 Nov 06
We used pliars or tweaser to pull them off. Then Burn them with a lighter, or my Way I use a magnifying glass put them on the road the sidewalk or porch so all summer long I carry a small magnifying class as well with 2 dogs and 15 cats and kittens does not take long before the Ticks come around. - DNatureofDTrain