if ur wife is bad cook

September 11, 2006 11:57pm CST
if ur wife is bad cook then will it effect ur relationship
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• Mexico
25 Sep 06
It would definetly affect the whole family, including the kids, because food is so much part of everything after work. You invite others over to your house too, so it's a social thing that women generally have to be good cooks. If they are not they can always learn it easily.
@Stiletto (4584)
25 Sep 06
I don't see why it should although it would probably mean you would have to make the effort to do the cooking yourself.
@sevenseas (754)
• United States
25 Sep 06
I don't think it would effect the relationship at all. I could still cook the few things I know how to cook and the rest of the time we can order out like I do now anyway. Or better yet, we could buy ourselves a cookbook and practice together. If she hated it, we can go back to the first plan. lol!
@amberleef (481)
25 Sep 06
my wife not too bad a cook,but i'm better
• Hong Kong
25 Sep 06
i think cooking can make the relationship more closer, and deep not only the wife but you also can cook or you can learn how to cook with your wife together......that feel so romanic
25 Sep 06
I don't see why it would! You'll just have to learn how to cook yourself!