Linux as a real competitor against Windows

December 1, 2006 4:25am CST
Hey everybody, I have recently been messing around with Ubuntu, a distribution of Linux that is designed to be user friendly. I'll be honest, I like it. I doubt I'll switch totally to Ubuntu, as I appreciate the familiarity with Windows - that and my headphones don't work with it. The forums have been very helpful in getting me to set up my wireless connection, and it just seems a lot cleaner, and a lot useful. I have thought over and over again "wow, that IS a really cool idea!". For example, the start-up/shut-down screens have a progress bar as opposed to the generic "Windows is Shutting Down". However, I still think Windows has too big a market share for it to become mainstream. There are areas that demand Linux and free software (such as web servers), but i can't see it catching on. I would love nothing more for Linux to take over windows and become the norm, but I can't see it happening. What do you think?
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@namd3r (395)
• Canada
10 Dec 06
I tried to use Ubuntu, but my computer was too slow. It was a shame, really, because I seem to constantly have problems with my Windows and I needed a change. But I don't think that it would be impossible for Linux to replace Windows in the future, judging from what I can see with how Firefox is working out, which has kinda the same thing going on. I'd like to see a Linux future.
@Asylum (48273)
• Manchester, England
5 Dec 06
I have never tried Ubuntu, but I have used a good variety of Linux distributions. I agree with you that Linux is unlikely to replace Windows. although it does have a very dedicated team of followers. The biggest problem is third party software. Despite the fact that Linux provide programs to perform all the same tasks, such as DVD playing or Photo Editing, the major software manufacturers tend to write programs for Windows because they will reach a bigger market that way.
• Hyderabad, India
2 Dec 06
linux is different from all no one beat that one
@wish4guns (324)
• India
1 Dec 06
it could happen if more people started using Linux and then shared their positive experiences...