how do i make him believe?

@sugaree (109)
December 2, 2006 11:23pm CST
this is the story.. 4 months ago, i was in the process of forgetting someone who broke my heart.. which was really hard for me because i never saw it coming.. i never expected this guy could just abandon me in the middle of nowhere.. then i met his guy, who said he loved me the first time he met me.. and he knew how i felt that time.. he knew how broken i was, he knew that behind my smiles, was a broken heart, and he knew that i wasnt ready for anything serious yet.. but he was patient.. he made me feel that i was special without expecting that something good could come out of it for him.. he was always there for me.. after some time, i realized that i was slowly falling for him.. and now, 4 months after, im completey healed, and i am loving again.. loving like i was never hurt before.. but the problem is, much as i want to deny it, i know there are times that he feels unsure about my love for him.. he's scared that i still havent fully forgotten the guy who broke my heart.. and no matter how i try to make him feel that its him that i love now, i dont know if its enough... what should i do? i dont want to lose him just because he thinks i havent gotten over the past when in fact, he made me get over it.. hahaie.. i hope you could help me.. thanks in advance
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3 Dec 06
@sugaree (109)
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4 Dec 06
ei, thanks for the response.. it helped..
@1hopefulman (33518)
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17 Jun 10
Eh, what happened to the response? I don't see it on my screen. Is it my computer or has the response been deleted?