Hotdogs for babies?

@DeenaD (2688)
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September 15, 2006 3:34pm CST
I'm not too happy with my son's daycare. Last week they gave him hotdogs for lunch! Can you imagine? He is only 11 months old. I've never given him a hotdog at home. First of all, they're not good for you. Secondly, I feel they're a choking hazard for small children. Okay, that was one thing that made me unhappy. Then the daycare was closed on Labor Day, but parents all had to pay for the day anyway. That was another thing that made me mad. Then today, I dropped my son off at 7 AM and there were three employees (the director and two others) standing near me, not holding babies. They all saw me, but not one came to take my son. I ended up sitting him on the floor and walking away. That was another thing that made me unhappy. What would you do?
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15 Sep 06
I would call a meeting with the director. Hot dogs are a choking hazard and not recommended until the cild it 2yrs. old. Also you should not have had to sit your child on the floor when there were available people, who were apparently not working. And you should not have to pay for days your daycare is not open. I have done daycare and school age childcare....find a new daycare to take your child to before something bad happens, but make sure the director knows why you are taking your child out.
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@fritz27 (1137)
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16 Sep 06
on the hot dog issue. no. i agree with the choking. even cut up small, there's still that possibility. the other issues, you should ask for a meeting with the director.