What movie did you not want to see & ended up loving it & why?

@lalav1 (1056)
United States
December 3, 2006 9:13pm CST
My girlfriend really wanted to see the movie The Abyss and I just didn't think it would be that great, but I went along. It ended up being one of my favorite movies! I became a fan of the two main characters, one of which is Ed Harris. There was so much suspense and action, it was great! I'm so glad she talked me in to going.
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@samsonskola (3357)
• United States
4 Dec 06
I had no interest in seeing The Last Samurai, with Tom Cruise. The previews I saw just didn't look interesting at all. One day while flipping through the channels, I happened to come on that movie, just within the first 5 minutes of starting. From then until the end of the movie I was so engrossed that I never left my chair! I was very surprised, as it is not the type of movie I generally watch, but I'm glad I did.
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@lalav1 (1056)
• United States
15 Dec 06
I have to admit I was not real interested in that movie either, but you're right it was really good!
@GardenGerty (104277)
• United States
9 Jan 07
Toy Story--my husband was ill and really wanted to see this one so we did. Also Jumanji. Both of them were much more than I anticipated they would be. We bought them both.
@mcrowl (1050)
• New Zealand
28 Dec 06
I first saw about half an hour of the end of The Abyss on television years ago, and had always wondered what the rest of it was like. I picked up a DVD of it recently, and found it absorbing. I'm not sure that I'm convinced by the last section, where Harris is rescued by the undersea creatures and its aftermath, but it's an intriguing movie all the same. Off-hand I can't think of a movie I didn't want to see and then enjoyed, but I can think of plenty I wanted to see and then hated!