which political party do u support?and why?

@pooja_cg (1735)
December 4, 2006 12:18am CST
i dont support any of the political parties because i feel all are alike.they dont have interest in improving situation of india but their only interst is money and power.
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• India
4 Jun 07
i would for an appropriate person who would satisfy the needs of middle class people whatever party they may belong to.
@prram1 (88)
• India
4 Jun 07
i Dont beleive in any political parties , they are all the same just the name & people change ...............
@lavkul (473)
• India
3 Jun 07
I do not really see any inclination toward any party at india..but I have to join a party I will go to RSS reason being rss never thinks of ruling the country..
@soulist (2986)
• United States
9 Dec 06
Same here. I don't support one particular party. I listen to their stances and ideas and then vote for the one I like regardless of their political parties or who backs them (like celebrities and stuff). I tend to go for the ones who focus on military (bringing them home) and education.
@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
4 Dec 06
I don't affiliate with any, when I vote I go with the canidates that's fit for the office.