Daily Walk

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December 4, 2006 6:30pm CST
Even though I don't feel that great today, I got my daily walk in. It was good to see the sunset. And I got to see the wind damage from the high winds the last 2 days. Lots of leaves, bark and branches everywhere. I also see they've repaired the brick wall that someone crashed through 2 weeks ago. There is still a big pile of rubble. And I got to put a sticker on my calendar. My first daily walk sticker this month. Time to get back in the habit of it.
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7 Jan 07
I really need to get off my duff and walk more. We live in a wooded area and I love to walk with my grandson in the woods whenever he visits us. Lately, I have been making excuses to not do it. Walking is such a good way to drive out the furballs that lodge in the brain. I need a good swift kick.
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23 Dec 06
You would love to walk where I go. I live in the desert. There are no streets or roads, or homes. Just the natural with the mountains all around. I love to take walks and hear the birds, coyottes and feel the wind against my face. We have no lawn or leaves to clean up with a sticker.