are u also fed up with ur maid...

December 10, 2006 1:13am CST
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@Hatley (164071)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Apr 08
oh yes I am fed up with my maid, myself that is, she sits all day on her computer chair doing mylotting and does not sweep; or vacumn or wash dishes or take out the trash. I think I will have to fire her as she is just not working out anyway I could not afford her not on my social security check so I have had a talk with her, myself that is. she promised to at least do the dishes and take out the trash and the newspapers after she did her mylotting that is.well what can I say to myself you are not fired? lol
• United States
18 Apr 08
LOL:) My maid needs replaced too. I've tried to talk my dh into a second wife to do the cleaning, but he wasn't too keen on the idea.
• Philippines
23 Feb 08
sometimes they are not helpful because they are lazy or ignoirant on cleaning the house but we should teach so that they can be useful
@coolchai (706)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
actually its not really a maid im fed up with. im fed up with being at the mercy of a maid. since i have 2 sons and i cant find another maid to help my nanny. so im really at my nannys mercy to do all the household work which she does it well. so im really blessed with my nanny however next year she going on vacation now im terrified at having to look for another nanny as temporary replacement since you cant just trust any maid or nanny nowadays! Goodluck!