if given the chance to have your voice heard, what is that one thing you'll....

@maryannemax (12170)
December 11, 2006 9:29am CST
if given the chance to have your voice heard, what is that one thing you'll ask to be changed in your country?
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@kataztrophy (1839)
• United States
11 Dec 06
If I were given a chance to say something to the many people in my country(USA) it would most likely be along the lines of "Go out and actually vote if you want change". I find it extremely sad that something as irrelevant as American Idol gets more active voters than an actual election does.
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
11 Dec 06
really? i thought americans are very active when it comes to politics discussions and their right to vote. sad to know that they are more interested in voting for their idol in singing contests. that's so sad to hear.
@SetoKun (287)
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
The one thing that I'll ask is to change the mindset of the people in my country, Philippines. We are living in the same country and I think that you agree me with me in regards to that. In our country most of the people do not know what discipline is. The crab mentality is always there and the very popular corruption, and many others. Philippines is a total mess because of that.
@sunita64 (6473)
• India
16 Jan 07
I would change corrupt politicians of my country as they are making the country weak.
@habichuelo (3104)
• United States
15 Jan 07
i would love and i wish U.S.A goverment to take the absolut power of my country Puerto Rico!! and use deadly force if necesary...im tired of this stupid circus of politicians stealing the money from our country