@ryan444 (207)
United States
December 11, 2006 7:55pm CST
How many mylot members have ever been to Michigan? It is so cold and wintery here I figured not many of you must of made the trek here. However, we have quite a few notable features so I was just wondering: Have you ever been to Michigan?
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@kelly60 (4550)
• United States
3 Mar 07
I live in Michigan, and if you have been waiting for snow, this has been the week you were waiting for. We have gotten around a foot of it this week, although I'm not sure what other areas of the state have gotten. Unfortunately, we got some freezing rain and sleet mixed in with it the one day, but I guess sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. Personally, I wasn't too happy with all that snow being dumped in my driveway all at once. I would have rather had it spread out over time instead of dumped on us all at once.
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• United States
6 Feb 07
I live here in good ol' Michigan! It has been very cold lately, most of the schools here are closed because its too cold, not because of snow lol. I agree the winters aren't that much fun, but its not a bad place =)
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@GardenGerty (94551)
• Marion, Kansas
23 Dec 06
My hubby spent the majority of his growing up years in Michigan, and that is where he claims to be from, mostly. We have been up a time or two. I had to buy a flannel nightgown to wear in July. I liked the drive we took clear up to copper country.
@deebomb (15323)
• United States
23 Dec 06
I have visited Michigan 3 times. My daughter lives in moskugeen. I have been the in the spring and fall. So the weather was farily decent.