Sonic the Hedgehog

United States
December 11, 2006 9:35pm CST
In the game, Sonic has to prevent Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AKA Eggman) from collecting six of the Chaos Emeralds in an attempt to rule the world. The gameplay centered around elements that exploited the increased performance of the 16-bit console. It is notable for being both simplistic and engaging for players. At the time of its release, Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the fastest platformers that had yet been released. Sonic could run, jump and roll at significantly higher speeds than most platformers of the time. Unlike other platformers, the game's levels were designed to encourage the player to progress quickly. Springs, slopes, high falls and loop-de-loops were all available to both boost and challenge the player to reach high speeds. This was all accomplished without any slowdown in framerates, adding to the experience. Anyone else here still play the older Sonic games from time to time? I have yet to complete Sonic 3 & Knuckles 100% with tails.
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@steinh (9)
• Norway
7 Jan 07
Those sonic games are great. Lots of speed and at times no control of movement what so ever (; I still enjoy playing these games - lots of nice emulators out there so you don't have to look through you closets for the hardware - allthough it|s best played on the original consoles (;
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• United States
12 Dec 06
I loved this game. I don't have a old Sega, but my sister does. When I visit her in Florida I play this game. I remember when my brother was given a Sega for Christmas when I was 14. We thought it was the coolest game ever and so fast. I also loved the 7up game.
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@NeoComp (1320)
• United States
4 Mar 08
I really like the sonic games! I always loved these as a kid, and I still love them to this day, They are great.. and just awesome games. I get a great feeling while playing these old games.
@Galena (9123)
28 Feb 07
I love the old sonic games. I played the one for DS but thought that was a bit rubbish to be honest. just didn't have the quality of gameplay, just fancy graphics. I finally got another Megadrive for Christmas and have been having a great time tracking down and re-playing the games I loved.