For anyone who is gay, how did u come out to ur loved ones?

@pelya178 (694)
United States
December 12, 2006 2:36pm CST
for anyone one who is gay, men or women. How did u come out and tell the ppl you love? (friends family members). what age were u? how did they react? or if u didnt come out.what scares u the most about coming out?
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@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
13 Dec 06
I first came out to a friend who I knew would be absolutely accepting. I just flat out told her one day. She was glad I told her. I also just kind of told the places I volunteer, and they were cool too. And now I've told all of my friends except for one (her mom is too close of a friend to my mom, and she's very conservative and prejudiced and likely to freak out and tell her mom, who would then freak out my mom again). When I tried coming out at home, my mom had a nervous breakdown, my dad told me it wasn't true, and then they found some shrink who told them I wouldn't know until I was 25 anyway. Just recently I came out at work, but it was more like they all figured it out. At first it was bad, but not so much anymore. What scares me the most? Losing my family. I haven't come out to any of them except for my parents, who are both in denial. I'm glad my friends are pretty much accepting except for the one, who I haven't really given a chance to, so I can't blame her.