@wathanjim (2215)
United States
December 12, 2006 11:48pm CST
I am finding it harder and harder to find discussions that require more than a one or two word response.I am also having trouble coming up with original posts of My own.Anyone else having this problem?Any advice?
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• Philippines
13 Dec 06
yes same here, im having that kind of trouble too. it always took me an hour just to find discussion that require deep thought. in an average of 2hours in this site i can only find few topics that are worth of reading. sometimes i just find myself logging off if im starting to feel bored.
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• Singapore
13 Dec 06
it's ok not to start any discussions if you cant think of any...but i have to agree with you that it's hard to find quality discussions to respond to. maybe you can check out those discussions that you responded to and go into the individuals' profile and check their earlier discussions..if you enjoy it, then you can request them to be your friends..at least it's a guarantee thing that you can depend on your friends discussion to respond to.