What went wrong in 9/11 issue?

September 21, 2006 1:49am CST
When President Bush's men could easily catch a King (Saddam Hussein), why is it being so difficult to catch a terrorist (Osama Bin Laden)? What went wrong? Who is to be blamed?
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24 Sep 06
Apparently there have been many chances to capture Osama, but for some reason American services have let him go, be that true or not. What would be the purpose? I suppose Osama couldn't release 'frightening tapes' at convinient times for Bush anymore if they captured him!
@flowerchilde (12547)
• United States
24 Sep 06
..he's hiding.. likely in caves in a country which doesn't really want us to go in and find him, even tho they are our allies.. his country would go wild I guess to have the america devil enter their country. Saddam was sitting on his throne.. thinking no one would really question why he was playing games with the U.N. and IAEA.. yes, i'd like to bin laden taken out.. and others.. but am happy to see saddam out of power too.. madmen or terrorists looking for weapons of mass destroying just doesn't sit well with me.. and saddam did have some terror contacts.. and sent top guy to niger (a.ka. uranium)..
• Australia
24 Sep 06
Dont ever forget... That what everybody knows..... IS WHAT WE ARE FED BY THE MEDIA the truth is rare