Have you never been in Poland?

@carlomeno (1086)
December 15, 2006 10:39am CST
I have been there one time only and for work. I passed through Warsaw and then my final destination was Kutno. I would like to go there for tourism one time, maybe in JKrakow and Auschwitz.
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@quarks (180)
• Ukraine
30 Dec 06
i was poland a couple of times ! really beautiful country i can say and the people are so friendly there ! I would like to go again to poland some day ! i have been to lublin and stalowa wola :)
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• Singapore
16 Dec 06
Made of SALT! - Salt mine in Krakow.
Hi, I've been to poland and visited the auschwitz concentration camp. it's really sad. i also visited the salt mine that I thought it was breath-taking. All the stuff in the mine were hand crafted and made of salt!Visit my humble little travel blog at www.fo-toes.blogspot.com to view some of my other travel photos. I've also attached one picture here, just to show you.
• Finland
15 Dec 06
I have been there. Wonderful country, and great people. I even lived in Gdansk for some yeras. Beautiful historical place. Excelent architecture. Other places you mentioned also i've seen. You people go and visit it, is very nice and still cheep country!
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@blanksolid (1632)
• Spain
15 Dec 06
No, i havent. Poland is great country in order to visit some days, have a great day on mylot!
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
15 Dec 06
i would love to visit poland to, for me as a historian i would love to visit Gdansk and then Krakow, also like you to see auschwitz and the Tatra mountains
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@chardyme (1633)
• Philippines
16 Dec 06
i've never been there.
@quarks (180)
• Ukraine
30 Dec 06
you should visit once , really good place it is i must say !
@Asylum (48266)
• Manchester, England
23 Oct 12
I visited Poland a few years ago for a holiday. I like to see places other than the standard holiday resorts, so Poland was a very tempting proposition. I stayed just outside Krakow, which was a very interesting place to see. There seems to be a great contrast between the tourist part of Krakow and the sector which is mainly local people.
• Australia
13 Jul 09
Yes I have two time. Each for 4 months to see my family and for a holiday. I have traveld around Poland and speack Polish. Its really nice there and I recomend it for anyone who like to travel.
@scooby_13 (176)
• Italy
29 Jan 07
I don't think to go in Poland, I prefer other sunny places
@girl079 (147)
• Malta
28 Jan 07
I have been to Wroclaw this year. I liked the city although I felt it lacked a bit in entertainment. I noticed the food was very cheap but the clothes were very expensive. The weather was pleasant and it was easy to get around the city via the bus. However, there are loads of road works there at the moment so the traffic gets really bad at times!
@saikat123 (235)
• India
5 Jan 07
no,i have not but i would like too.
@lsen06 (5000)
• India
4 Jan 07
i like to go there. please help me.
@Piratesware (2891)
• Indonesia
30 Dec 06
no I don't..but I would like go in there ..want see the famous historical place camp' Auschwitz