is it possible in the real life to go to the past?

December 17, 2006 12:24pm CST
well einstein had explained lots of theories in physics, i would like to know is it possible in day to day life?
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@smbilalshah (1316)
• Pakistan
17 Dec 06
not as u c in the movies i think the terms past or future r relative the farther u look deep into space the farther back in past u r actually looking like if u c a star burst today u saw some event that happened several yrs or maybe centuries ago, the light from it just reached u now same way if u move ahead of earth lets say several light yrs away from earth n c something happening which the ppl on earth will c several yrs later then u can say that u saw future with respect to earth i.e. in short future travelling & seeing is on a huge universal scale not like u can step into ur past again like the back to the future movies
@flowerchilde (12547)
• United States
23 Dec 06
I fwe could travel fast enough, I suppose we could... then we could wreck the space /time continuum, aye? Maybe destroy the universe before any of us were born.. that'd be a feat (just kidding! Though how can we help being cynical?) Say we could figure out if it all goes back thousands of years, like some aging techniques suggest, or does it go back millions, like another suggests... We could finally found out who, or if someone was on the grassy knoll...