Who has seen the movie Happy Feet and Liked it or wants to it now?

December 17, 2006 2:58pm CST
I have heard so much controversy about this movie, I HAVE to see it now. I have heard things like it’s an anti-Christian film to it’s promotes homosexuality! Ok so now I would like to hear from anyone that has seen the film and likes it or if you haven’t, do you think you will, more so now, because of all the fuss?
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• United States
7 Feb 07
I think I must have missed something in the previews. Am I thinking of the same movie? The animated dancing penguin kids movie? People have got to start finding better things to do than pick apart kids movies. For petes sake. I dont even have anything else to say about this because I think some people can be pretty pathetic in their thought proccess. Wow...now we have gay, athiest penguin movies to worry about along with global warming, child abuse, homlessness, and aids. Good thing those weirdos are around to protect us! Could all the attention be something made up by the production company because maybe the film wasnt grossing ten gazillion dollors? Just a thought. I guess I had a little more to say!
@mcrowl (1050)
• New Zealand
6 Feb 07
Some people will think anything if they want to. Happy Feet isn't anti-Christian, because there's nothing religious in it. It isn't promoting gays, because there's nothing about gays in it. It does talk about the environment quite a bit towards the end, but as far as I recall that's the sum total of its issues aspect. Apart from that I found it too long, quite scary for kids (the tiger seal is really nasty) and seldom funny. And the music is a bit odd too, ranging over all sorts of songs and styles.