do u think religion and science are two side of a coin?

@sagun31 (178)
September 24, 2006 4:16am CST
do u believe that religion and science lead us to the same place or do they contradict eachother?
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@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
8 Jan 07
No, they are not. Religion is about believing and personal experience Science is about discovering, understanding , creating theories, and correcting itself as it go. Science should not have dogmas. Religions are dogmatic by definition. In religion you cannot contest the divinity of christ (I am using as an example the Catholics here). In science you can contest anything you want, provided you can give a better explanation.
@kiwimac (324)
• New Zealand
7 Jan 07
They are two wings of the same bird, they are the left and right hands of God leading us into God's holy mysteries
@kunalsp (428)
• India
9 Oct 06
yes I think religion and science are two faces of coins. Religion is science. And science is practicalness. Religion teaches how to become practical and disciplined. Religion is for betterment of mankind. Science is also for same reason.
• Ghana
26 Sep 06
religion and science are never two sides of a coin.sciencecomplements religion
• India
24 Sep 06
both complement each other.can't live without either of them
@flowerchilde (12547)
• United States
24 Sep 06
hi.. I did some research and studying on this, and found out science contradicts the theory of evolution more than it contradicts creationism! Remember too, when Darwin put forth his theory, which he said could only be regarded as a theory, we had no idea of the genetic code (i.e. where does info come from?) Also Mr Darwin and fellow scientists thought we would find the missing everywhere.. and we only have since then a handful of very disputable cases.
@vimarsh (46)
• India
24 Sep 06
i believe they will eventually lead to the same goal even though at the moment it does not appear so
@Schubler (1530)
• Romania
24 Sep 06
No... both work hand in hand...