what are the weirdest kinds of foods you have ever eaten?

December 22, 2006 2:26am CST
some people may find it disgusting, but here in the philippines balut is a common kind of street food. balut is a whole unborn chick still inside the egg. we eat it with our hands, drink the soup inside the shell, head on to the egg yolk then finally to the whole unborn chick. sometimes, when the chick is already big, you can feel all its feathers, head and wings as you swallow it down your throat. and the balut is just one example. we also eat pig's and chicken's intestines, hardened pig's blood, chicken feet... the list goes on. how about you? would you want to eat these kinds of foods? they're good, if you ask me, as long as you don't think of what they really are. are there any kinds of foods just like these in your place?
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@xtedaxcvg (3191)
• Philippines
5 Jan 07
Seriously, I love 'em and am proud to say I've already eaten every filipino dish anyone can imagine. :)
@xtedaxcvg (3191)
• Philippines
5 Jan 07
Yakers ka! Hallllerrrr!!! lol :)
@engineous (400)
• Australia
4 Jan 07
Hey, When I went to the Philippines; I had balut; it is OK; but now i'm back un Australia!
@ladygam (564)
• Philippines
28 Dec 06
I'd like to say "Yuck!" or "Eeow!" but I'll hold myself back. This is an international site and we should show everyone that we value our culture, our heritage, naks! ;) I ate frogs and I liked it. But it's exotic, not weird! My sister seemed to think it was gross, though. And I ate chicken feet, adobo and grilled. I could add more but I'm sleepy... It's 2 AM, my bedtime.
• Romania
22 Dec 06
mmine are pig and sushy. i hate them . i can not eat them . teey are ugly. bleah.....