My lot is right or wrong???

@vikhram (202)
December 23, 2006 9:19pm CST
My lot has banned people from pasting who have less than 500 points DO you Think it should be nbanned IS MY LOT right or Wrong??
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• Pakistan
24 Dec 06
i dont know where are points which points are you talking about how many are total points who assigns the points hopefully you will respond
@vikhram (202)
• India
25 Dec 06
Points are calculated from the number of discussions yo make yo have 443
@vyaasrad (568)
• India
7 Jan 07
what i think is right ,if they allow to paste then our people will make it a mess and their responses will be the same for most of the argument and the fruit of the discussion wont be there .Once they reach a considarable points of 500 they understand what the siet really expects
• Indonesia
24 Dec 06
he? banned fromk what? I never heard mylot will banned ppl who have less than 500 poit? The only alert that I know is member who post less than 500 can;t upload picture on response. Pls give me the original link where U get this news. Thx
@bronie123 (4589)
• United States
24 Dec 06
I think they are in the right they are just trying to keep the new users from copying and pasting others post and using them for there own I never use the copy and paste in here so it hasn't bothered me. I guess they figure by the time the new user gets up to 500 then they will be use to not useing that funtion on here.