Do you know how to walk properly? Here are some dos and dont's.

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@kgwat70 (13417)
December 24, 2006 4:28pm CST
I had no idea that there were correct and incorrect ways to walk. Did you? I figured walking was just walking and not much else but there is more to walking than I thought based on an article I was reading. Here are the mistakes in walking; 1. Not maintaining proper posture. Poor posture puts extra stress on joints, vertebrae, and muscles, causing pain. 2. Keeping your arms still. You lose almost half the exercise value of walking-increasing your heart rate and working your shoulder, back, and arm muscles-by not moving your arms. 3. Walking duck-footed (with the knees pointed out) or pigeon toed (with the knees pointed in). This puts stress on the knees and ankles. They are hinge joints-made for forward, not side-to-side, motion. Stress causes knee and ankle pain. 4. Walking with your feet too close together. This makes it easy to trip and fall. 5. Taking short steps. This also reduces the exercise value of walking, and it causes the leg and hip muscles to tighten. Correct ways to walk are: 1. Tuck your chin into your neck so your ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle form for straight line perpendicular to the ground when you're standing still. Avoid arching your back. 2. Do a pelvic tilt. Tuck your buttocks under your body and hold in your stomach while you walk. 3. Pump your arms. Bend your elbows slightly for regular walking, and 90 degrees for aerobic walking. 4. Walk with your feet parallel and use the heel-toe roll. 5. Keep your feet hip-width to shoulder width apart. They said that longer steps burn more calories, work leg muscles, raise heart rate, increase circulation, make you feel more energetic and increase walking speed. I was amazed from reading this article and will have to try doing this the next time I go walking. This information was provided in the Big Black Book by Gary Yanker. Did anybody know about this information. Hope this is useful information.