Personality Difference, Horde vs Alliance

December 26, 2006 4:12am CST
I've noticed some odd distinctions in horde and alliance play style. Here are a couple examples ive seen on my server (Frostmane):Horde almost never defends in AV, while alliance will sometimes defend with more than half their team.The average alliance guild is farther in pve than the average Horde guild.Alliance never gives up when they are going lose, but horde will let the game end so they can get into a new, hopefully better game.And I wonder what are the origins of these differences. Is it because alliance is more skilled? Why is alliance more skilled? Why does someone pick alliance over horde or horde over alliance? These questions have led me to wonder whether or not there is personality difference between someone whose main is on the horde or alliance faction.So what do you guys think? What makes horde and alliance so different? I really doubt its just paladins vs shaman and racial abilitys that make the two factions so different
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• United States
27 Dec 06
You touch upon a "hot topic," and I will relate my experience. My first toon was an Alliance Warlock. While leveling the toon, I met and made many friends along the way to attaining level 60. However, once one reaches the magical level 60, the game changes -- or as the saying goes, "The game begins at 60." I think there are skilled players on both factions, but a number of Horde players (including myself) left Alliance because the players on Alliance seem to be more self-centered, rude, and lack maturity. I found myself needing a break from what I term nicely "guild politics," and I decided to visit the Dark Side. I have never looked back!! I found leveling a toon on the Horde side more challenging. The Horde is smaller, so one will solo a great deal. Whereas Alliance are always grouped, Horde seem to group only when absolutely necessary. Those are just two obvious differences, but there are many more. Try rolling a Horde to get first hand experience. I won't claim you will like it, but it will be different. May your blades never dull!!! Lokaine
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@xtedaxcvg (3190)
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5 Jan 07
Roll a horde and see for yourself! I myself rolled a horde and also, never looked back. For the Horde!
@ezzrssi (11195)
• Italy
26 Dec 06
horde nice tread many compliments