media invasion

September 26, 2006 6:34am CST
I would like to know how many of you believe like I do that the media tend to invade people at there worse moments. Why is this so.....Cause people want to know all the details of the death or seperation. look at the irwins poor Bindi. Her dad dies and they give her no time to come to terms with it before they get her back infront of the camera. I will remember Steve and his Family and I can wait for them to morn. How would the average joe blow like a camera in their face when there heart is torn apart.
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@DeenaD (2688)
• United States
1 Oct 06
I agree that the media are like this. Anything for ratings, anything to sell a story. But we share some of the guilt in this if we enjoy watching or reading about stories.
@missyc (103)
1 Oct 06
maybe the famous should arm them selves with video camera and start sticking it in the press/medias face every time they see them and see if they like it. do the media/press even think about these peoples feeling. they should sit down and think how they would be feeling should some one in there family die or if they broke up with there partner. im sure they would want to be alone and give there heart time to mend and grieve. but i also blame the public that are obsesed with the famous, get a life. my heart and prayers are with the Irwin family, and the world should leave them alone and give them time to morn and come to terms with there tragic loss.