food sensitivities

December 26, 2006 2:22pm CST
Is there anybody else on here who has, or thinks they have food sensitivities? I've been suspecting for a while that my asthma is linked to something I'm eating. Recently I've been having so many problems with persistant abdominal pain that I went on a month-long diet that was *very* restricted. Gradually I re-introduced things like eggs, seafood, legumes and dairy. I also restricted wheat, corn, yeast and anything aged. While I was on the diet my stomach pain and acid reflux stopped - and my asthma improved, my skin improved and I started sleeping better. Once I went off the restricted diet, all my symptoms returned. I'm going through medical testing at the same time to rule out anything major, and so far all my tests are coming up normal. So I'm more and more convinced that my problems are a direct result of something I'm eating. The trick is figuring out what. I'm suspecting wheat, but results seem to be inconsistant. Anybody been through this process before? Any hints you can give me as to the best way to go about figuring this stuff out?
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• United States
26 Dec 06
I have to be very careful with dairy... it clogs up my throat and it also makes me very sick to my stomach.
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• Canada
27 Dec 06
Yeah, I'm already lactose intolerant. I know dairy is prone to increasing mucus, and that can make me cough a lot.
@astroo13 (965)
• India
17 Feb 07
I have allergies but it is due to dust. But my aunt has serious allergies to shell fish. Her skin swells up and becomes red and is very itchy. She becomes very moody when she suffers this. But she loves shell fish. So it is a delicate balance for her.
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