Recycling ideas?

December 26, 2006 3:36pm CST
Anyone got any unusual recycling ideas to share? Any items you love to make with things that would normally get thrown away or ways to ensure less waste comes into the home in the first place?
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@SaraCate (184)
• Canada
9 Jan 07
Any specific things people want to re-use? I love learning and creating ways to re-use/recycle things! A few ideas off the top of my head: Bread tabs - Stitch markers for knitting or needlework - If you have a power bar, put tabs around cords to label (write w/ perm. marker "VCR" or whatever) Soda bottles - especially smaller (20 or 24 oz.) ones - can be used as wax or soap mold to make flower-shaped candles or soaps. Large clear juice or soda bottles - cut off the bottom, take off label, paint or decorate. Hang old keys or streamers from cut edge. Voila! Windchime or "windsock" type decoration. Plastic bottle caps - this idea is from a member of a "waste-nothig" email list I read. Poke or drill a small hole in the bottom of the bottle cap. Thread narrow elastic through the hole to make a loop that will fit semi-snugly around a finger. Knot elastic inside the cap; glue if you wnat/need to. Place a small ball of stuffing (maybe recycled plastic bags? :)) in the cap - enough to puff above the cap. Place small square/circle of fabric on top, tuck into edges and glue. You have a finger pincushion for small projects. I could keep listing, but I'll stop there for now! Sara
• France
10 Jan 07
Those are all lovely ideas :)
@Bee1955 (3886)
• United States
19 Feb 07
If you have clutter and/or items around your house you dont want to be bothered with selling or taking to the dump - then Freecycle is for you at for a Freecycle group in your area. Freecycle is international. Recycle items to avoid overfilling the garbage dumps and make space in your home. One man's trash is another man;s treasure" truely applies here. I have given away so many things that I almost trashed that someone wanted and even came and carted it away. You can put in requests, too, and from there I received a free handicapped electric lift recliner worth over $400.00 someone didnt need anymore! The only requirement is that you cant give away forbidden items like explosives and such and everything must be FREE, you cant barter, exchange or sell. Try it yourself!
@dmillman (2273)
• United States
12 Jan 07
This is great! I'm glad that you started this discussion. I've got tons of ideas, and I hope to get more from all of you. Go to http:\\ and go to the reduce, re-use, recycle section and you'll find tons of things. I used to be the thrify guru at the site, and most of the ideas are mine that are still posted. What types of things do I mean: Soap nubs (the part that you throw away) Those annoying CDs that come free in mail Used postage stamps Pull-tabs from soda cans Plastic pieces ........and tons more, so check it out!!!