Why do u EXIST?...................

@sahiba77 (178)
December 28, 2006 12:35am CST
why were you born..?is there a reason - a meaning - for your life.......
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@what_now (554)
• Canada
28 Dec 06
The only reason I have come up with is to leave a good impression on as many as possible and try and live the life to the fullest. But must follow one simple rule, "live and let live" cheers :)
@jwpadd (189)
28 Dec 06
I am not sure... The stork brought me here.
@plasma (675)
• India
28 Dec 06
haha, because someone chose to bring me here :) It needs a deeper understanding though, I think we exist because we have come here for some purpose, to offload our duties and make this journey a heavenly experience. Thanks
@dexterous21 (1180)
• Philippines
28 Dec 06
I was born for a reason. I was born to experience the pain and happiness in the world. I was born because God wanted to prove to me His existence. That God is wonderful. I was born to help my fellowmen too.