making pompoms

September 27, 2006 4:31am CST
can somebody tell me the technique of making very compact pompoms
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
28 Sep 06
Making pompoms is really easy! First, cut two circles (same size) If you want 1 inch sized pompoms, cut two 1 inch wide circles, (or whatever size you want)out of cardboard. Then cut out two smaller circles in the center of both of the circles. The hole you make will determine how thick the pompom will be when it's finished. If you want a dense pompom, make the center hole bigger. You now should have 2 circles of cardboard, each having a hole in the center. They should both be the same size. Next, put a long length of yarn on a yarn needle, or any needle that has a big enough eye to put the yarn through. Start making the pompom by holding the two cardboard shapes together. Pull your yarned needle through the center of the 2 holes and bring the yarn up and over the outside edge. (In the hole, around the outside ring, then back through the hole again.) Keep doing this until the center hole is totally, and tightly, filled up with yarn. (It will look kind of like a big yarn button when you're done.) After you've got it filled up to capacity, carefully take a pair of scissors and slide the points in between the two pieces of cardboard on the outside edge. Snip all the way around. Do NOT take it apart yet!!! Take another long piece of yarn and gently slide it in between the two pieces of cardboard (where you cut the yarn) draw it all the way around and then tie it in a knot (twice) to finish. It helps if you tighten it real hard so that it's real snug and then the cut pieces of yarn will not fall out. Trim off any pieces of yarn that may stick out until it's a perfect ball shape. It may take you one or two tries to get it, but it's not hard at all. If you're making small pompoms, use thinner yarn so that it will be fuller. Good luck! Let me know if I explained it OK!