Would you wear Fake or Replicated items?

@maio19 (81)
December 30, 2006 5:58am CST
In Asia especially Thailand and China everywhere you go you will see different types of replicated items. Name your brand and you'll get it. I am the type of person that if I cannot afford it I prefer to just buy unbranded items. I got tempted many times but my mind always stops me from buying it as I feel like why do I have to pretend? I mean it is fake and I will not be comfortable wearing it coz I will know that I am wearing a fake one. But I have this close friend of mine who I admire. She is beautiful, tall and is slim. Everytime I see her when we go out together she always looks well groomed and beautiful. But you know what? Most, if not all of her clothes, bags, shoes etc are replicates. Yes, they call it "class A" replicates over here. And she never denies it. Whenever she gets a compliment she always says, "thank you,it's fake!" She's exceptional and gets away with it as she's elegant, well-groomed and beautiful. Most of us are not so lucky and people can spot the replicates a mile away. It's unfair!
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• Philippines
8 Feb 07
it's all about confidence, i suppose your friend wears her clothes with pride and isn't apologetic about the fact that there just fakes. there's nothing wrong with not being able to buy the original, i'm guilty of that too. to limit my purchase of fake goods. i try to buy stuff made by local manufacturers which are just as good if not better than the signature clothing which is copied by everyone enyway :-)
• Belgium
8 Jan 07
you should wear what makes you happy, anyhow the world is too materialistic anyhow. if your friend feels happy then good for her! and she always can buy and wear (change her look) more often when it is not so expensive. i think you can't judge over people completely, the most important is how they feel themselves. if you really want to be original and get noticed maybe an idea is to make some stuff yourself, that's something to be proud of also... stand out by being different and don't go with the crouds...
• India
1 Jan 07
if u can not afrrord the real one and if the duplicate is good enough then i will buy i just see th quality and not the brabnd
@scottag (18)
• Thailand
1 Jan 07
I don't actually go just for the brand. I buy things because i like them, it suits me and the quality is good. In my own opinion in buying signatured items sometimes you are just paying for the name but most of the time the quality is just about the same as the unbranded ones that you can find in the cheap stalls.