Lucky Elephant

United States
December 30, 2006 12:24pm CST
What does it mean when people tell you that elephants are lucky. There trunks and ivory horn has to be pointed up for luck. What kind of luck? Because I need alot of luck.
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• Canada
30 Dec 06
Lots of people consider elephant figures to be good luck charms. Apparently, a lucky elephant near the door to your home protects you from bad luck and also stimulates good luck for anyone living in the house. Elephants are used a lot in Feng Shui. As I understand it, through reading about this, displaying an elephant or two is supposed to promote love and faithfulness for a couple. To increase fertility luck, people are encouraged to place an elephant in their bedroom. Then, I read that elephants are used for knowledge and academic luck for children. You're supposed to put an elephant and a crystal globe where they study. Finally, in Feng Shui, a pair of trunks-up elephants at the front door is said to bring strength and good fortune to the family. I *think* the trunk up means the elephant is holding luck and the trunk down means it's dispensing luck... I have also been told that, any time you pass an elephant figure, you should rub it for luck. I have a brass elephant figure, trunk up, in my home -- I figure I'll take all the luck I can get ;)