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@HerShe (2386)
December 30, 2006 1:02pm CST
My husband has a theory. Here it is: Assuming there is a Creator, who made us all, would each of us not be a part of that Creator? When all human-kind can co-exhist in peace, then the power of all human spirit can accomplish anything. The human spirit doesn't die. In the Christian religion, don't we say, when someone dies, that their spirit returns to God? When all the spirits are united, then the Creator will be whole once again. Interesting thought! What do you think? ......He's not usually into this computer chat thing. So he said he is looking for some thoughtful responses. (He's chuckling in the background...) He's added a bit of a challange. (Tricky guy...) He would enjoy reading responses that have the number of lines in them, that are in this post. So......Hmmmmm.......What do You think? Thanks for your response and Good Luck p.s. Up for the best response?
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@sherinek (3323)
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5 Jan 07
Hi HerShe, how r u after a very long time. I am back and running. How was christmas and new year? This is what I think about your husbands theory. I believe that we are a part of our creater. Only thing is, since we have given 'free will', we have chosen to be apart from Him. We have a lot of power that we dont use and dont know how to use. This is all due to us being so proud to admit that there is a God and we are all his creation.
@juls2me2 (2151)
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3 Jan 07
The Creator is already complete, whole, and eternal. Doesn't need us or our spirit to be complete. He wants us to want to love him by our own freewill. Like we desire our children to love and care for us back in return. We are his creation not an equal or part. We are unique, that's why He sent Jesus...his son to be our example in truly coming to know his character and desires for our lives.
@ediechic (31)
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30 Dec 06
Wow, deep question. I am a christian, thus I will respond as such. I honestly believe that God does not need us to be "whole", as you say. God created us in his image. The Bible never states that we are a piece of God. I do not believe that all human-kind will ever co-exist in peace. Because of the Fall, we will never be united like that, until Jesus returns and we all go to be with God. Even then, it is not our spirits that have power, it is God. Without God, we are nothing. We were all created for one purpose, to worship God. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Hope it's what you were looking for.
@msqtech (15226)
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30 Dec 06
no more than the work place is part of the worker